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Effect of Varieties and Budder Efficiency on Citrus scion performance in the Nursery

AA Olaniyan
RB Ibe
LO Olajide-Taiwo


In an effort to boost the availability of budded citrus seedlings, the effect of varieties and budder efficiency were evaluated to improve the performance of scion development. Three scions namely: Tangelo (Citrus paradisi x Citrus reticulata), Lemon (C. limon) and Valencia Sweet orange (Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbecks) were budded on Rough lemon (Citrus jambhri: Lush) rootstock, using different budders. The experimental design was randomized complete block in 3 x 3 factorial arrangements. Budder B and C spent an average of 1.34 and 1.37 minutes respectively to bud one (1) seedling, while it took budder A, 1.54 minutes to do the same. Tangelo scion was the easiest to bud in that it took 1.33 minutes to bud one (1) seedling, while 1.52 minutes was spent to bud a scion of Lemon. Budtake was best for budder C and significantly superior (P < 0.05) to Tangelo scion percent budtake. Lemon variety with 90.3 per cent budbreak was significantly superior to Valencia and Tangelo budbreak. Scion subsequent growth was not affected by budder efficiency and scion varieties. However, all the treatments had attained minimum standard of 45cm scion length for transplanting to the orchard with the exception of Tangelo scion on rough lemon rootstock twenty four weeks after budding. 

Keywords: Citrus varieties, Budder efficiency and Scion growth