Moor Journal of Agricultural Research

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Response of okra to sodium nutrition in an Ultisol

EA Aduayi, BA Olowoyo


The essentiality of Na to the growth of okra plants in an Ultisol grown in soil culture and treated with Na concentrations of 0, 2, 4, 8, 16 mg/kg of soils as NaCl. was studied. Sodium applied at 8mg/kg of soil increased leaf area and number, plant height, water content dry matter yield and tissue N and K when compared with the control. Severe defoliation was observed at the highest Na treatment of 16mg/kg of soil, which also induced low tissue N. The okra may be classified as a medium sodium tolerant plant.

Key Words: Okra; sodium; elemental accumulation; water conservation

Moor J. Agric. Res. Vol.4(1) 2003: 8-12
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