Variations in the yield and fruit characters of some guava (Psidium guajava L) accessions in Ibadan, Southwestern Nigeria

  • RO Awodoyin National Horticultural Research Institute, P.M.B. 5432, Ibadan.
  • BA Adelaja National Horticultural Research Institute, P.M.B. 5432, Ibadan.
Keywords: Accessions, guava, harvest duration, , metrical characters, percentage survival


A germplasm collection block of guava containing nine accessions was established in Ibadan to assess variations in metrical, visual and other fruit yield characters for the purpose of selection for good quality fruit. The results showed that four years after planting only accessions TB85/2885 and TB85/2887 had high survival percentages of 90% and 86% respectively. Most of the accessions produced fruits two years after planting. The accessions were significantly different with regards to fruit yield and metrical characters. Based on harvest duration, two groups of guava were identified – early fruiting (July-September) and late fruiting (August-October). The harvest duration varied among accessions from four weeks to nine weeks. All accessions were inferior to the improved varieties in terms of small fruit size and low fruit/seed weight proportion. Nevertheless, TB85/2885 may be selected among the accessions for its good survival on poor soil, big fruits, high fruit/seed weight proportion, long fruiting duration as well as availability of its fruits off-season.

Key Words: Accessions; guava; harvest duration;, metrical characters; percentage survival

Moor J. Agric. Res. Vol.4(1) 2003: 71-77

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eISSN: 1595-4153