Effect of animal manures on soil properties, growth, nutrients status and yield of tomato in Southwest Nigeria.

  • OI Akanni
  • SA Odedina
  • SO Ojeniyi
Keywords: Animal manure, fertilizer, nutrient, soil properties, tomato, yield


A comparative field study was carried out at two sites in Akure, Southwest Nigeria to determine effect of different animal manures on soil physical and chemical properties and performance of tomato (Lycopersicm esculentus Mill). Analysis of cattle (CM), goat (GM), pig (PG) and poultry (PM) manures showed that N, K, Ca and Mg values increased in the order PM> GM> PG> CM. The GM had highest P compared with NPK (20-10-10) fertilizer applied at 100kg ha-1. Soil OM, N, P and Mg reduced in the order PM> PG> GM> CM. Compared with control and fertilizer, manures reduced soil bulk density and temperature and increased moisture content. Soil bulk density increased in the order PM< GM< PG< CM, while soil moisture reduced in the same order. The NPK fertilizer, CM, GM, PG and PM increased leaf N, P and K, number and weight of fruits. The PM, GM and PG respectively gave higher leaf N and P and fruit yield than fertilizer. The NPK fertilizer CM, GM, PG and PM increased fruit yield by 46, 24, 97, 90 and 152% respectively. It is concluded that the manures improved soil physical and chemical conditions, nutrients uptake and yield of tomato.

Keywords: Animal manure; fertilizer; nutrient; soil properties; tomato; yield

Moor Journal of Agricultural Research Vol. 6 (1&2) 2005 pp. 70-75

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eISSN: 1595-4153