Igbo ideas of preserving 'nature' and the globalizing world

  • Charles C. Nweke
  • Chukwugozie D. Nwoye
Keywords: Igbo people, Idea, Nature, Globalization, Preservation


The pervasiveness of awareness campaigns bordering on the environment especially in various mass media all suggests that the world‟s environment is endangered, largely by human activities. The intent of this paper is to x-ray and know if the pristine ways (prior to Western influences) Igbo people used to preserve 'nature' in their traditional setting could still be of any relevance in salvaging the world‟s endangered environment in the face of the towering impact of globalization with its accoutrements of modern science and technology. This intent is midwifed by the philosophical method of hermeneutics. It is important to add that while we recognize the wide ramifications of 'nature' discourses, the concept of 'nature' in this paper is basically reduced to its pedestrian understanding as an environment that retains its pristine attributes prior to human interventions.

Keywords: Igbo people, Idea, Nature, Globalization, Preservation


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print ISSN: 2346-7126