Art and technology: assessing their symbiotic relevance to aesthetic growth and development in Nigeria

  • Uche Nnadozie


One can argue that art and technology are mutually exclusive, meaning that both complement each other, contrary to the general belief that there is nothing like technology in art or vice versa. Some believe that art is just about aesthetics and little utilitarian importance. Thus, since technology could be defined as a systematic means of making things to help humans change or manipulate their environment to their advantages. There is always a design or element of creativity to aid these technologies. This paper looks at the thin line between art and technology and also brings out the fact that without art and creativity, there will be no technology. It reveals the indigenous technology that is always associated with what is referred to as “local craft” but which can be developed for mass benefit. The paper will recommend the teaching of “art technology,” which should serve as a channel of transforming this so called “local crafts” into technology potentials as a developing nation.

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print ISSN: 2346-7126