Retracted: Maat, Death and the Afterlife in Traditional Africa

  • Joseph Aketema
Keywords: Death, Transition, Thanatophobia, Kemet, Afterlife, Indigenous, Maat, Reincarnation


The article has been retracted by the authors. 

To many people, death and dying are unpleasant phenomena. While death itself is no mystery, humans offer varied views to what happens after death. Birth, death and the afterlife among Africans are regarded as an unending process. The human soul is always in transition, commuting between two worlds: the ancestral world and the world of the ‘living’. This discussion examines the African concept of life after death. It argues that most Africans who believe in life after death are largely informed by ancient traditional practices of Kemet (Egypt). The discussions support the claim that, the belief in the afterlife has influenced how Africans upholds truth, harmony, justice, righteousness and balance.


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print ISSN: 2346-7126