Gearing up for the Future - Life Skills to Address Sexual and Reproductive Health in Young People

  • JA Menon
  • SOC Mwaba
  • MPS Ngoma


Background: Adolescence and young adulthood is generally a period of uncertainty and anxiety. During this period Youths globally irrespective of their cultural background are faced with various physiological, psychological, social and economic challenges. We hence develop a method for equipping young people with life skills to enable them cope with various challenges, improve their sexual and reproductive health, prepare and plan for the their vocation and to be in charge of their lives.

Methods: Through literature and from practical clinical experience we contrast and compare the existing suggestions of what young people go through adolescence and at what age they need to be imparted with life skills. We argue that life skills that young persons obtain through interaction with their environment will be essential to deal with peer pressure and useful in career Planning and Professional Development. All this put together in turn will affect the Sexual and Reproductive Health of the young person.

Results: A model called the ''Life skills intricate in sexual and reproductive health' is proposed and this is guided by the 'ecological model of risk and protective factors' by Bronfenbrenner which assumes that young people function within a complex network of individual, peer, family, school and community environments that affect their capacity to avoid risks. By incorporating the theoretical framework and the proposed model, we are able to foster interactive 'teaching' approach that focuses on transmitting specific knowledge designed to shape young peoples' skills as well as developing their employability skills.

Conclusion: It is therefore important that teaching of life skills start as early as possible so that as one is growing they are able to to make correct decisions appropriate to their circumstances, resist negative pressure and avoid involving themselves in risky behavior.


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eISSN: 0047-651X
print ISSN: 0047-651X