Costs of climate change impacts on output of cassava among farming households in south eastern, Nigeria

  • JA Mbanasor
  • IN Nwachukwu
  • NM Agwu
  • NC Onwusiribe
Keywords: climate change, cassava, impact cost, farming households.


Cassava is noted to be one of the strongest root crops that serve as a staple food for the populace and as a raw material to industries. Cassava is noted to be less affected by adverse climatic conditions. The challenge of climate change in the face of rising food insecurity makes it imperative to analyze the cost impact of climate change on the output of cassava farming households in south eastern, Nigeria. The cost of the impacts and adaptation measures was used to realize with net returns. The study employed primary data elicited from pre-tested and structured questionnaire sets administered on farmers selected from three Southeastern States using multistage sampling technique during 2011/2012 farming season. The result of the cost and returns analysis on per state basis indicated that farmers in Enugu State recorded the highest cost structure with the least loss due to climate change impacts while their counterparts in Abia State incurred the loss as a result of climate change. Farmers in Imo State, however, posted the highest net profit. On the basis of findings, the study suggested the adoption of appropriate and proactive adaptation cum mitigation measures. These may include use of drought tolerant/resistant varieties, adoption of sustainable land management practices and intensification of campaigns to promote healthy environmental practices among citizenry

Keywords: climate change, cassava, impact cost, farming households.


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eISSN: 0300-368X