Potentials and management of nutrient status of soils of Ikwuano Area of Abia State Nigeria for sustainable cassava production

  • CP Obasi
  • IN Onyekwere
  • CN Ebeniro
Keywords: Nutrient status, Potential and Cassava Production


The study was carried out to evaluate the nutrient status of the nine farming zones of Ikwuano local  government Area of Abia State, to quantify in relation to their cassava crop production potentials. Free survey  method was applied in a reconnaissance soil survey to collect soil samples at 0-30cm depth. Nine samples  were collected and analysed. Result showed that the nine farming zones have nice textures of sandy clay,  sandy clay loam, and sandy loam. The soils showed a reaction ranging from moderate to slightly acidic of pHof  4-5, accept the soils of Ukalanta which has a neutral value of 7.40 pH level, low moderate organic carbon  (1.35- 3,05%), low bulk density (1.60-1.65) and low to moderate total N (0.15-0.20%). The level of P and K were less than 15ppm and 0.20ml equivalent respectively. Exchangeable cation ratios are relatively low, C/N ratio (10.0-22.6), Ca/mg ratio (1.3-2.4) and kg/mg ratio (0.04-0.20). It was suggested that liming the soil is not necessary due to slight acidic nature of the soil and remedial measures which include; integrated use of the organic manure and mineral fertilizer to supplement the existing soil nutrient levels.

Keywords: Nutrient status, Potential and Cassava Production


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eISSN: 0300-368X