Deteminants of market orientation among cassava producers in Abia state, Nigeria

  • B.A. Ukeje
  • M.C. Ogbonna
  • I.I. Okonkwo
  • C. Adiele-Ezekiel
Keywords: Market Orientation, Cassava producers and Abia State


The study was conducted to empirically investigate determinants of market  orientation among cassava producers in Abia State, Nigeria. Structured  questionnaire was used to obtain data from the respondents. A multi-stage  randomized sampling procedure was used to select 96 respondents for the study. The data collected were analysed using descriptive statistics and ordinary least square (OLS) multiple regression model. The results of the descriptive statistics showed that majority of the respondents were married with mean household of 6 persons. Dominance of male (54%) as against 45% female, suggests that cassava production is gender sensitive and requires innate physical exertion of carefully selected force, they are also educated. The result of the  study further indicated that out of the 10 variables fitted in the model, eight (8) were significant. The significant variables included age, level of education, household size, farming experience,  income, cooperative membership, market information and available market as major determinants of market orientation among cassava household producers. The Ordinary Least Square parameter estimates of the Exponential functional form of the multiple regression model as the lead equation shows that the coefficient of multiple determination (R2) was 0.9961, was high significant at 1% probability level, indicating that 99.6% of the variation in cassava market orientation among  producers were significantly explained by the variables investigated in the study. F-ratio value of 1785.82 is statistically significant at 1%. This implies goodness of fit in the model. The study indicates that market   orientation among cassava  producers was beneficial to the respondents as it enhanced their income. Hence, more income could be obtained if processing machines are provided at a reduced cost to farmers as well as farm inputs like hiring of farm machinery, provision of  fertilizers and chemicals to farmers at a subsidized rate.

Keywords: Market Orientation, Cassava producers and Abia State


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