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Gender analysis of involvement in ginger production among farmers in Abia and Imo States, Nigeria

M.E. Ejechi, T.U. Madu, D.M. Lenka, M.N. Mbadiwe


This study investigated the level of involvement of male and female farmers in ginger production in Abia and Imo States, Nigeria. Multi-stage sampling technique was used to select 60 ginger farmers for the study. Interview schedule with structured questionnaire were used to elicit information on involvement of male and female farmers in ginger production from the respondents. Data obtained were analysed with descriptive and inferential statistical tools such as frequency counts and percentages while Pearson Chi-square and logit regression model were used to test involvement and factors influencing ginger production in the area respectively. The result indicated that majority (65%) of the respondents were male while 35% were female. The result also revealed that area of ginger cultivated is significant at (P=0.10). Decision on use of labour, inputs and participation in farm operations were significant at (P=0.01) level of probability each. This infers also that there is significant difference between men involvement in ginger production than women. It was also discovered that farming experience and farm operations were significant at (P=0.05) and (P=0.025) levels respectively. The study therefore recommended that research institutes and other input agencies should advance their training on the best agronomic practices in ginger production for increased yield in the study area..

Keywords: Gender, Involvement and Ginger Production

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