An Innovative Design and Development of A Cassava Peeling Machine

  • C. H. Kadurumba
  • J. C. Aririguzo
Keywords: Cassava peeling, machine, design, efficiency, cassava root


The study was the design and development of a cassava peeling machine to reduce drudgery and improve the productivity of cassava processing into various foods. The cassava peeling machine consists of the peeling drum (with both knife and abrasive embedded), conveyor, electric motor, and speed reducer. The machine was designed using solid work software. The peeler was evaluated with cassava root length of about 300mm. The speed range of 90-120rpm was used to test the performance of the peeler. The average capacity of the developed machine was 450kg/h, with a peeling efficiency of 90%. The root loss of 5% and peel retention of 5% were obtained during machine test. The various shapes of cassava roots do not affect the machine's functionality as it functions well on the different shapes and sizes of cassava roots. Results also show that the machine is affordable and efficient and is recommended to improve the processing productivity of cassava food products. It is therefore, recommended that further research be carried out on cassava roots geometry and thickness to further improve the peeling efficiency of the machine. Modelling of the cassava peeling process should be studied, taking into consideration the physical parameters; towards identifying any flaw that needs improvement in the present design. More research should be carried on the utilization of alternative sources of energy like solar to power the machine at a minimal energy cost.


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print ISSN: 0300-368X