Nexus of Fishing Boat Motorisation, Profitability and Poverty Status of Artisanal Fisherfolks on Epe Lagoon, Lagos State: A Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) Approach

  • C.F. Abasilim
  • O.L. Balogun,
  • I.V. Onyewuchi
Keywords: Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI), Deprivation, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


The study examined the nexus of fishing boat motorisation, profitability and poverty status of artisanal fisherfolks on Epe Lagoon, Lagos State: A MPI approach. Specifically, the study analysed profitability and determined MPI of respondents. The study area was Epe lagoon, with stratified sampling technique adopted. One hundred and sixty (160) respondents were stratified into 2 strata based on craft propulsion: Manual Propulsion Technology (MPT) and Motorized Technology (MT). The sampling unit was the respondents' households. Information obtained using interview schedules were analysed using descriptive statistics, profitability ratios, and Alkire and Foster MPI. Although the MT respondents had higher Net income, the Benefit-Cost ratio was lower due to the cost of maintenance of the outboard engine. Four MPI dimensions: education, health, living standard and financial standard were examined. MPT respondents were more deprived (MPI 27.8%) than the MT respondents (17.87%). The headcount of multidimensionally poor MPT respondents was 86.43%, while MT respondents were 53.4%. Deprivations were in living standards (no electricity, portable water or toilet and clean cooking energy) and financial standards (unreliability of fishing income; no savings, difficulty in credit access, no cooperative society). These deprivations violated some UN SDGs goals. The study recommends rapid intervention by the State government in the living standard of the fishing communities by the provision of basic amenities like potable water, electricity and an access road. The prohibition of discharge of the heated coolant water from the Egbin power plant into the western end of the lagoon because of its heavy metal deposits. Cooperative education should be extended to the fisherfolks.


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print ISSN: 0300-368X