Evaluation of Off-Farm Income-Generating Activities among Agroforestry Farmers in Sakponba Forest Reserve area, Edo State, Nigeria

  • E.S. Omoghie
  • A.S. Adeleye
  • C.A. Ojedokun
  • A.O. Bamigboye
  • V.B. Simpson
Keywords: Agro-forestry, Evaluation, Generation, Income, Off-farm


The study evaluated off-farm generating activities among agro-forestry farmers in the Sakponba forest reserve area of Edo State, Nigeria. A multi-stage random sampling technique was used to collect data from one hundred and twenty (120) agroforestry farmers using a structured interview schedule. Percentages and frequency counts were used to analyse the objectives of the study. The result showed that majority 64.2% of the farmers were male. Further analysis indicated that 88.3% of the farmers engaged in cassava processing and 32.5% in okada business as off-farm income-generating activities. Further analysis revealed that 88.3% were involved in off-farm activities to generate additional income. However, 70.8% highlighted that high cost of transportation was a constraint, while, 59.2% indicated that inadequate diversification skills and training opportunities were the main constraints faced in engaging in off-farm income-generating activities. The study recommended that the government provide infrastructure such as a good road network, electricity, potable water, and affordable healthcare system, since they are important indicators for enhancing socio-economic activities in rural areas. It was also recommended that the government initiate policies for reducing risk and uncertainties inherent with agricultural activities such as access to credit to improve their standard of living and increase productivity.


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print ISSN: 0300-368X