Ethno- Medicinal Survey of Plants Used For the Management of Diabetes Mellitus in Kaduna Metropolis, Kaduna State

  • O.A. Ogunkalu
  • D.O. Adelani
  • O.C. Ariyo
  • J.A. Ogunsanwo
  • A.C. Odeyale
Keywords: Ethno- Medicinal, Plants, Management, Diabetes Mellitus


The study was carried out to survey ethno-medicinal plants used for the management of diabetes in Kaduna metropolis of Kaduna State. Primary data was used in the study and generated through the use of structured questionnaires. Two-stage sampling techniques were used to selects 60 respondents from four communities in Kaduna metropolis (Tudun wada, Kawo, Mando and Kaduna Central Market). Data were analysed using descriptive statistics. Result reveals that majority of the respondents (78.4%) were male and 48.3% within the age of 41-50 years. Many of the respondents (43.1%) have secondary education and 48.3% traders, civil servants, while 17.2% each were artisans and farmers. From the study, several plants belonging to different families were identified for the management of diabetes. Majority of the respondents (8.74%) used Azadirachta indica, 6.64% made use of Venonia amygdalina, 6.29% Mangifera indica, 5.9% Citrus auriantum and Zingibe officinale, and 4.9% Allium sativa for the management of diabetes. Other plants identified include; Psidium guajava, Allium cepa, Annacadium occidentale, Adansonia digitata, and Cocciana indica. From the study, different plants parts were identified in relation to the management of diabetes, they include; bark, stems, leaves and roots. The study therefore shows that different plants species were used for the treatment of diabetes. However, present knowledge on medicinal use of these plants needs further scientific investigation to confirm their medicinal efficacy in terms of the gradation and dosage. It is recommended that research be intensified in terms of the corresponding dosage in the phyto-remedy of diabetes and other ailments. Also, there should be coordination between government agencies and herbal organizations to enhance proper utilization of the medicinal plant resources.


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print ISSN: 0300-368X