Use of Social Media among the Market Women in Ilorin Metropolis, Kwara State, Nigeria

  • I. K. Banjoko
  • J. O. Ifabiyi
  • S. A. Ahmed
  • M. A. Isiaka
  • O. Awarun
Keywords: Social Media, Market Women, Ilorin Metropolis, Nigeria


This study examined the use of social media among market women in Ilorin Metropolis, Kwara State, Nigeria. One hundred and Twenty (120) market women were randomly selected in six markets in Ilorin Metropolis, Kwara State, Nigeria. The data collected was analysed with the use of frequency count, percentage, mean, standard deviation and pearson product moment correlation (PPMC). The result revealed that 36.9 years was the average age of the respondents, 52.5% were married, household size of 4 persons, 9.1years of experience and annual income of about 319,175.00 Naira. About 70% of the respondents make use of social media daily, while 1,853.33 Naira was average monthly expenditure on data. Facebook was the most (72.5%) frequently used social media platform, commercial purpose was the highest (79.2%) motive for use of social media by the respondents. Social media exposes one to several business opportunities (4.18) and ranked the highest attitudinal statement. Strenuous/Stressful tasks involved n business activities (2.18) was the highest ranked factor affecting the use of social media. Results also show significant relationship between the use of social media and the respondent’s attitude towards the use of social media (r= 0.16, p= 0.080). The study therefore recommends that market women should utilize social media platforms when they are less busy and ensure they verify the source of any information given via social media.


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print ISSN: 0300-368X