Acceptability of Snail as Source of Protein among Residents of New-Bussa and Its Environment, Niger State Nigeria

  • A. J. Adeola
  • O. A. Akande
  • A. Sulyman
  • K. O. Babatunde
  • H. L. Muhammed
  • A. A. Sa'adu
Keywords: Acceptability, New-Bussa, Protein, Snail


This study examined the acceptability of snail as source of protein among residents of New-Bussa, Niger State, Nigeria. Data was collected with the aid of well structured questionnaire among the residents purposively among the residents of New-Bussa and its environment. The data was analyzed with the use of descriptive statistics. The acceptability of Snail meat in New-Bussa and its environment revealed that majority are willing to buy and eat snail meat with a high mean of 3.99, followed by ‘I have tasted snail meat before’ with a mean value of 3.97 and the least is ‘live Snails are sold in New-Bussa and its environment’ with a mean value of 3.92. The constraints associated with consumption of Snail meat showed that cost (Price) of snail meat scored the highest with mean value of 4.12, followed by ‘I do not eat Snail meat frequently because I hardly see it in my area’ with a mean value of 4.11 and ‘I do not eat Snails because my people do not eat it is the least with a mean value of 3.98. The Preference of Snails meat compared to meat from other animal sources’ recorded the highest (1.63 mean value), followed by Fish and Goat meat with mean value of 1.57 and 1.52 respectively and Snail meat is the least with mean value of 1.26. This study recommends that awareness creation on the nutritional benefits of Snail meat consumption is necessary to enlist more consumers.


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print ISSN: 0300-368X