Influence of Genotype and Environment on Quality Attributes of Fufu Processed from Cassava Planted in Two Agro-Ecologies of Nigeria

  • U. Chijioke
  • U. J. Iro
  • S. C. Osodeke
  • N. P. Ogunka
  • B. C. Okoye
  • S. P. Abah
  • D. Njoku
  • C. Egesi
Keywords: Fufu, Genotypes, environment, processing parameters, physicochemical properties, starch, swelling power


Fufu is a fermented pasty food product commonly consumed in West Africa. A study aimed at determining the influence of genotypes and environment on material loss during processing, product yield and physicochemical properties of the intermediate fufu-product was conducted. Intermediate fufu products were processed from seventeen cassava genotypes in their advanced breeding stage planted in Otobi and Umudike locations within Nigeria. Fresh roots of the genotypes were processed into fufu following the standard operating protocol (SOP) of RTBfoods. Chaff loss, peel loss, fufu yield, crude fiber, dry matter, total titratable acidity (TTA), amylose, swelling power, solubility, starch and sugar of intermediate fufu product for each genotype was determined using standard analytical methods. Result obtained showed that genotype TMS13F1160P0004 had the highest fufu yield and chaff loss. Peel loss did not differ among the genotypes. Genotype and environment played significant roles in the processing and physicochemical properties of the fermented fufu wet paste. Swelling power, solubility, starch and sugar of the intermediate fufu product differed significantly (P<0.001) among the genotypes. NR174-1 had the highest amylopectin and swelling power while TMS13F1160P0004 had the lowest total titratable acidity and sugar content. Chaff loss, fufu yield, swelling power and starch were significantly influenced by environment (P<0.001). Genotype was found to have a major influence on chaff loss, starch and sugar. Genotype -by -environment interaction influenced only starch and sugar values. The result obtained will assist breeders develop cassava varieties that possess food qualities acceptable to fufu end-users.


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print ISSN: 0300-368X