Birds Species Richness and Diversity in Okomu National Park, Nigeria

  • U. I. Fingesi
  • O. O. Akinola
  • A. J. Adeola
  • S. E. Ogbu
Keywords: Birds, Species Richness, Diversity, Okomu National Park


This study focused on the bird’s species richness and diversity in Okomu National Park, Nigeria. The study was undertaken to derive information on the species of birds utilizing the Okomu National Park as well as determine the relative abundance and diversity of birds in area.  The methodology employed in the study includes the use of direct method of census. Line transects. The data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics (Tables). The result gathered revealed that the national park is rich in birds species. A total number of 706 birds’ species in 23 families were also inventoried in all the ranges. The highest families; Accipitridae, Alcedinidae, Bucerotidae, Muscicapidae, and Ploceidae has 3 represented species each, followed by families of Meropidae, Nectariniidae, Picidae and Sturnidae with 2 represented species each. Birds were found in all the selected habitats. The park areas are under constant threat from unsustainable poaching, logging practices, and land conversion to agricultural uses. This logging and land use change have impacted on Okomu National Park forests and the forest ability to withstand the effect or to become 'resilient' might be difficult due to the effects of climate change, and deforestation. Therefore there is need to include both the local indigenes and staff who know the park area boundaries very well to be involved in the protection of the park resources. This will help in discouraging the killings of bird’s species by local poachers and others.


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print ISSN: 0300-368X