A structural analysis of yam trade flows into Abia State of Nigeria

  • FO Anuebunwa


A structural analysis of yam trade flow into Abia State using total value of purchases as index of measurement of the market share was conducted in Abia State in 2000/2001. A total of 309 yam distributors categorized into wholesalers (82) and retailers (227) were randomly selected using a multi-stage sampling method. Structured interview schedule was used in the collection of marketing information from the distributors. Descriptive statistics and Gini coefficient were used in data analysis. The northern states of Nigeria contributed 67.97% of total yams supplied to Abia State while the Southern States 32.03% of which Abia accounted for 2.7%. There was insufficiency, inadequacy and uneven distribution of physical marketing facilities. The seller concentration was higher in the wholesale than in the retail yam markets with Gini coefficient of 0.6354 and 0.5959 respectively. The difference may have resulted from differences in capital base, entrepreneurial talents, business acumen and collusive behaviour in market conduct. The yam market is monopolistically competitive.

[Niger Agric. J. 33 (2002): 17-22]

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eISSN: 0300-368X