An Appraisal of ideological inspirations of marriage redefinition in the 21st century legal regimes

  • MO Izunwa
Keywords: Ideological Inspirations, Marriage Redefinition, Natural Law, 21st Century


More than ever, the 21st century man has found reason(s) to challenge the traditional institution of marriage through the instrumentality of the laws. Hence, natural law  understanding of marriage as a union of a man and a woman for the course of their lives and to the exclusion of all others has been represented as unfashionable and  unacceptable by the modern man. Accordingly, contemporary legal regimes across  nations have moved for a redefinition of marriage and it appears to be working out. This paper explores, examines and criticizes the ideological bases of this ‘revisionism’. To  accomplish this purpose, the methods of hermeneutics and analysis of contemporary  cultures and laws are used. It is the finding of this paper that whatever ideas that are  prominent in the society by all means influence her laws and the laws reinforce the  ideas in return. This work recommends an organic re-orientation of the society through the formal/informal educational institutions. It further proposes the natural law theory as the recondite guide of all marriage legislation the world-over.

Key words: Ideological Inspirations, Marriage Redefinition, Natural Law, 21st Century


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print ISSN: 2276-7371