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A critical appraisal of euthanasia under Nigerian laws

Mike Chekwube Obi


The word ‘euthanasia’ evokes emotions, regardless of the way it is used. When pronounced, separate camps of irreconcilable proponents and opponents are drawn up. Debate over euthanasia is not a recent phenomenon. Over the years, public opinion, decisions of courts, legal and medical approaches to the issue of euthanasia in Nigeria have been conflicting. The connection between right to life and right to die has been attempted in a few debates. Although it is widely accepted that murder is crime under the Nigerian law, a clearly defined stand has not been taken on euthanasia. The Nigerian populace views euthanasia as an unnecessary paradox, murder in disguise, a situation where the supposed healer becomes a killer. This, therefore, forms the nitty-gritty of discussions in this article.

Key words: Euthanasia, Nigerian Laws, Right to Life, Critique

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