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Rising cases of rape offences in Nigeria: new measures to the rescue

Boniface E. Ewulum, Jude O. Ezeanokwasa, Obinna O. Mbanugo


Before now the offence of rape in Nigeria was an isolated incident. It occurred once in a while and when it did it was greeted with incredulity and surprise. However, despite the fact that the offence carries a life term imprisonment, it has now become a daily occurrence Nigeria. It seems that the law as it is, is incapable of deterring the naked and raw urge to subdue and abuse a woman. There exists a conspiracy of silence whenever the offence of rape is committed. It is this conspiracy of silence in relation to rape that this work seeks to unravel with a view to pointing out the areas where the law appears to be encouraging the offence.

Key words: Rape, Rising Cases, New Measures, Penetration, Criminal Justice System, Tripod

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