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The State of refugees and internally displaced persons in Nigeria: A legal review

Obina Mbanugo


From time immemorial, oppression, torture, inhuman and degrading treatment, ethnic, religious and political crises and other violations of human rights have caused people to flee their homelands. For these reasons, people have been forced to seek asylum in other countries. In other situations, people have become foreigners even in their own country. These persons who are in either situations refugees or internally displaced persons (IDPs) are vulnerable economically, socially, psychologically and politically. The national and international communities are confronted with the monumental task of ensuring protection for these groups of persons. The question has been “what are the legal and institutional frameworks in place for the protection of refugees and IDPs?’’ This paper seeks to examine the problems of refugees and IDPs, and consider their legal status and right to protection. It also aims at investigating the legal and institutional frameworks for their protection.

Key Words: Refugees, IDPs, Protection, Nigeria, Law