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Universality of prisoners’ right and appraisal of the level of conformity in Nigeria

J.O. Olatoke
K.A. Mahmud
N.O.A. Ijaiya
Iroye O. Samuel
Hassan I. Adebowale


This paper examines the concept of human right as well as the universality in the application of the concept to the prisoners’ welfare in most countries of the world. To determine the level of conformity of this concept in Nigeria, the paper discusses the post-conviction problems prisoners face in Nigeria as against what is obtainable in some other countries of the globe. In the final analysis, the paper posits that, due to unrealistic nature of prisoner’s right enforcement in Nigeria, the situation is an aberration to the best global practices. To check the situation, the paper made some practical recommendations that could make the issue of prisoner rights conform to that which is obtainable in most civilised countries of the world.

Keywords: Prisoners’ Right, Conformity, Aberration, Universality of Human Rights