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A critical analysis of the status and rights of non-combatants under Islamic International Law

A.A. Owoade


Islam being the religion of prohibits violence and unnecessary aggression. However, it also recognizes the importance of protecting oneself, property, territory and family, and in this circumstances, it is allowed for Muslims to pick up arms and defend themselves. But there are warfare principles and rules to be followed by Muslims, and Islam particularly emphasizes the importance of adhering to those principles and rules. Particularly, the rights of non-combatants are guaranteed and protected under the Islamic international law. This paper aims to analyse the rights of non-combatants, while also discussing the concept of terrorism being carried out by Muslim extremists and its incidence as they relate to combat and warfare principles (jihad) under Islamic international law.

Keywords: Jihad, Terrorism, War, Status and Rights, Islamic International Law, Non-combatants