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Enforcement of human rights and the relevance of the United Nations in the 21st Century: A synopsis of end SARS protest

Femisi Agboola Akande


Law can only be potent to the extent of its fulfilment of its primal purpose which is to ensure a harmonious living amongst members of the society. The practical approach to fulfilling this purpose is regard for the fundamental human rights of all and sundry. This paper seeks through historical methodology to explore the concept of human rights, freedom of expression as a core basic human right of individuals, various institutions and enactment established to ensure and fulfil this mandate, the failures of these institutions and enactments especially as it relates to events in third world countries and most importantly the End SARS protest that rocked Nigeria West Africa. Data in respect of End SARS protest were collected based on evidential tailored research and recommendations ranging from independent investigatory body, proper sanction and enforcement amongst others are also critically discussed.