New Egyptian Journal of Microbiology

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Efficacy Of Solarization And Seaweeds Amendment In The Control Of Faba Bean Fusarial Root Rot

M E Ibrahim, A M Abdel-Azeem, M M Hegazi


The role of soil solarization with or without seaweeds (Caulerpa prolifera and Ulva lactuca) amendment on the faba bean root rot caused by Fusarium solani f. sp. fabae was evaluated under field conditions. Soil temperature in solarized plots reached a maximum of 55, 53ºC at the two depths 5 and 10 cm respectively. These temperatures were 10 to 13ºC higher than in corresponding unsolarized plots. Solarization alone or in combination with Caulerpa and Ulva amendment reduces disease severity from 35 % (control) to 85 %, 88 % and 80 % respectively. While combination of Caulerpa with solarization exerts a sort of synergistic effect, by increasing number of healthy plants from 80 % in unsolarized amended soil to 88 % in solarized amended soil, combination of Ulva with solarization showed antagonistic effect by decreasing number of healthy plants from 85% in solarized soil to 80 % in Ulva amended soil.

New Egyptian Journal of Microbiology Vol. 17 (2) 2007: pp. 214-223
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