New Egyptian Journal of Microbiology

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Solarization And Amendment With Cabbage Residues Induced Supperssiveness In Soil Infested By Fusarium Faba Bean Root Rot

M E Ibrahim


Soil showing supperssiveness, due to solarization and/or amendment, to Fusarium root rot of faba bean was studied under field conditions. While solarization alone reduced the disease severity from 75 % diseased plant (conducive soil) to 15 %, amendment alone also decreased the disease severity from 75 % to40 %. The level and reproducibility of disease suppressive properties of solarization might be increased by the amendment of soil by cabbage residues. The results of this study revealed that the combination of solarization with cabbage residues could be reducing the disease severity to only 7 % diseased plants. The results also showed that both solarization and amendment had been changing and enhancement soil microbial population and improvement certain physical and chemical properties of the experimental soil.

New Egyptian Journal of Microbiology Vol. 17 (2) 2007: pp. 233-246
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