Haematology of Diabetes: Emerging Perspectives

  • PO Olatunji


Although Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder, the centrality of glucose and its metabolic derivatives tocellular function and energy production makes this disorder multisystemic in effect. The autoimmune nature ofthe pathogenesis of Type 1 DM, and the thromboembolic consequences of abnormal lipid metabolism andarterosclerotic vascular damage create relevance for haematologic therapeutic input. Anaemia is also a majorcomplication of renal complication and the chronic nature of DM. This is in addition to the fact that one of thedrugs used in the control of DM produces haematological side-effects, while some of the drugs such asPrednisolone and Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors used in the treatment of haematological conditions affect bloodglucose levels. A major new perspective in introduced by the utilization of stem cell transplantation as atherapeutic option for Type 1 DM.

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print ISSN: 2251-0362