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Sarcoidosis in Lagos Revisited. A Retrospective Analysis of 15 cases, Seen at the Pulmonology Unit of an Urban Tertiary Centre in Lagos, South West, Nigeria.

OO Adeyeye, RT Bamisile, OA Adegboyega, GOG Awosanya, B Falase


Sarcoidosis amongst Nigerians remains a condition with limited information in literature despite the high prevalence of Sarcoidosis amongst Afro- Americans. This study was conceived to describe the presentation of the cases seen in an urban tertiary centre in Nigeria. A three year retrospective study of Sarcoidosis was carried out at a tertiary hospital in Lagos Nigeria. Fifteen cases were identified with confirmed Sarcoidosis with F: M ratio of 4:1. The mean age of the patientswas55±12.89years. Weight loss was the most predominant symptom which occurred in 12(80%) of the patients while only 2(13.3%) were assymptomatic. All the patients had pulmonary involvement, and the most frequent site for extrapulmonary sarcoidosis was the skin which occurred in 04(26.7%) of the patients. Splenomegaly was present in 2(13.3) while 03 (20%) had hepatomegaly. One(6.7%) patient had ocular manifestations including dry eye and dry mouth due to salivary gland involvement. Tissue biopsy was done in 09(60%) of the patients which showed non caseating granuloma. CXR was abnormal in all cases. HRCT was done in 14 cases. The mean serum ACE was elevated in 12(80%) of the patients. Most of the patients were treated with oral steroid and in some cases topical hydroxyl chloroquine. There is female preponderance of sarcoidosis amongst Nigerians. Pulmonary involvement is common while the skin is the most common site for extrathoracic involvement. Erythema nodosum was not seen in any of the patients. There is need to increase the surveillance for sarcoidosis and carry out more studies to describe its possible peculiarities amongst Nigerian.

Key words: Sarcoidosis, pulmonary, extrapulmonary,

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