Smoking Habit and Self Reported Periodontal Treatment Experience Among Dentate Populations in Southwestern Nigeria

  • A.O Afolabi
  • O.K Ogundipe


This study ai ’s to determine by questionnaire the prevalence of smoking and its associated sociodemographic factors in adult dentate populations in Southwestern Nigeria and to examine self reported periodontal treatment experience between smokers and nonsmokers. A descriptive study of prevalence of smoking and self reported periodontal treatment experience among dentate populations selected by multistage sampling technique in Southwestern Nigeria. A structured questionnaire was administered to 373 subjects [170males, 203females, mean age 37.1years, standard deviation +/- 15.8years)] selected by multistage sampling technique in 4 dental clinics in Southwestern Nigeria. Analysis was done using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) version 12 and Winpepi version 9.2 softwares. The lifetime prevalence of smokers was 8.8%, 15.9% in men and 3.0% in women and commoner in the third decade of life. The probability of ever smoking was higher in those with low educational level. One hundred and twenty-six (33.8%) have ever had periodontal treatment, consisting of 48.5% of smokers compared to 32.4% of non-smokers. Factors which influence periodontal treatment experience include male gender, and low educational level. With respect to smoking habit, more females have ever had periodontal treatment compared to male smokers. Regular periodontal check-up for smokers, irrespective of the age, gender and educational status is important. Smokers should be encouraged to quit the habit through effective smoking cessation counseling by oral health workers.

Key words:prevalence, smoking, periodontal treatment, dentate populations, Southwesterrn Nigeria


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eISSN: 1597-7889