Comparative analysis of the Proximate composition and Sensory properties of dokuwa produced in Niger State Metropolis

  • OB Ocheme
Keywords: proximate composition, sensory evaluation, comparative, acceptable.


A comparative analysis of the proximate composition and sensory properties of dokuwa produced in some metropolis in Niger State, central Nigeria was carried out. Fresh dokuwa samples were purchased directly from a local producer each in Bida Doko, Lapai and Minna. Proximate analysis of the samples revealed that the protein, fat, ash, crude fibre and acid insoluble ash contents differed significantly (p<0.05) between samples. With respect to protein and fat contents,
dokuwa sample from Doko had the highest values while dokuwa sample from Lapai had the lowest but the reverse was the case with respect to ash, crude fibre, and carbohydrate contents. Sensory evaluation of the samples on the basis of colour, texture, aroma, taste and overall
acceptability showed that significant difference (p<0.05) existed between the samples. The sample from Doko was the most acceptable followed by the samples from Minna and Bida in that order. Lapai sample was the least acceptable.

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eISSN: 0189-7241