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Production and cost analysis of instant beverage from okara seeds

C.E Onuorah
A.A Okpasu


Instant okra seed beverage was produced from dried okra seed. In a preliminary study, instant beverage powder was produced from two differently treated okra seeds samples. The samples were: roasted okra seed flour spray dried (ROSFSD), and steeped for 24 hours roasted okra seed flour (SROSF). Samples were roasted at temperature of 160 C; for 5 minutes each. Preference test was done for the two samples and the preferred sample was in terms of colour, flavour, and taste. Sample ROSFSD was then spray dried. Proximate analysis, microbial examination, and cost analysis was determined on sample ROSFSD). While S nsory evaluation was again carried out on SROSFand ROSFSD. Both samples were the same in colour and acceptability at 5% level of significance. Proximate composition of ROSFSD were; moisture 3.78%, protein 27.46%, lipids 31.94%, fibre 17.88%, ash 7.88%, carbohydrates 11.05%, and energy 444.5Kcal per 100 grams of dry sample. Microbial load ranged from of 1.3 to 1.7 x 10 for a period of six months. Cost analysis, showed 50 gm of the product with a mark up of 40% would sell at N25.5 as compared with same quantity of Nescafe coffee selling at N200. The calculated pay out time (POT) was ten months.

Key words: Okra seed, treatments, instant beverage, cost analysis.