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Comparative study on the role of Food gums in the production of Cocoa-enriched Candies.

A.C Atuonwu
G.I Onwuka
G.I Ibeawuchi


Proximate composition and functional properties of food gums (gelatin and corn starch) and cocoaenriched candies made with and without the food gums were analysed. Gelatin was richer than corn starch in protein (49.60%), crude fibre (2.56%) and moisture (7.46%) while corn starch was higher in carbohydrate (76.28%). Gelatin exhibited significantly higher water absorption (10g/g), and emulsifying capacity (43.09%) and stability (18.66%) than corn starch (28.80% and 17.35% respectively). Corn starch exhibited better gelation capacity (2.5%) than gelatin (0.5%) and had a higher bulk density (0.6g/cm). Non gum-based candy contained higher percentages of protein (5.98%), crude fibre (1.52%) and moisture (7.90%) with better, emulsifying and oil absorption properties than gum-based candies. Gelatin-based candy had the best bulk density compared to corn starch and non gum-based candies and exhibited higher carbohydrate and moisture contents than corn starch-based candy. Gelatin having a better functionality gave a more acceptable product compared to corn starch. This study showed that apart from the added health benefits of gums to foods, candies could be made without food gums as the non gum-based candy compared favourably with the gum-based candy in physical characteristics.

Key words: Candy; Gums; Functional properties