Production of Suitable and Reusable Packaging Container for Transportation of Fruits

  • CE Onuorah
  • IJ Awolola
Keywords: Fruits, packaging, transportation, losses


Experimental wooden boxes were constructed and used for packaging and transporting fruits, i.e. oranges and bananas from Gboko in Benue State and Ogoja in Cross River State respectively to Bauchi State. Four trips each were made to Gboko and Ogoja, transporting the fruits to Bauchi by the transporter. Some of the fruits were stored in the experimental boxes for one week for every trip made, while others were offered for sale as usual. Damaged oranges from the usual packaging containers (“Bagco bags”) were counted as well as damaged bananas taken from the trucks
as traders usually transport them. Damaged fruits from the experimental wooden packages were also recorded. The estimated lorry load for orange and banana (counted as fingers) were 95,060 and 13,500 respectively; the average percentage loss per bag of orange was 2.46% and per bunch of banana was 7.65%, while the estimated loss of oranges and banana bunches per vehicle were 2,339 and 1,032 respectively. These losses translate to 28,068 per day and 5,160; per week, 196,476 and 36,120; per month 842,040 and 154,800; and per year 10,244,820 and 1,883,400 for orange and banana respectively. No losses were recorded using the experimental wooden packages for transportation and storage for the period of the study. The results are discussed in relation to the need for alternative practical and sustainable ways of minimizing post-harvest losses of fruits during transportation in Nigeria.

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eISSN: 0189-7241