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Nutritional Composition and Antimicrobial Properties of Three Nigerian Condiments

OO Dosumu
OO Oluwaniyi
GV Awolola
OO Oyedeji


Three Nigerian condiments were analyzed. Dried Irvingia gabonensis seeds and freshly fermented Parkia biglobosa and Prosopis africana were analyzed for their proximate composition, mineral contents and antimicrobial properties. The condiments were found to be very rich in protein (21.35 – 26.13%) with high energy values (351.13 – 595.05 kcal/kg). The moisture content of P. biglobosa and P. africana were very high (20.30 – 27.01%) compared to that of Irvingia gabonensis (3.75%) which, however, had a higher fat content (55.09%). I. gabonensis also had higher content of macro
elements while P. africana was superior in micro elements. The extracts had higher anti-fungi activities but lower antibacterial activities. The activity index increased with the polarity of solvent of extraction, methanolic extract being the most potent with the highest inhibition activities between 22 ± 1 and 27 ± 1 for fermented P. biglobossa.