Manuscripts: All manuscripts and correspondence concerning the Journal should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief, Dr. O.O. Oduguwa, Department of Animal Nutrition, University of Agriculture, P.M.B. 2240, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. E-mail: Manuscripts are invited from an over the world as long as they are original research reports on any aspect of Animal Production and Health. All authors' names in the references must be in bold lower case letters except the first letter of each surname. The surname must be followed by the initials in all cases irrespective of the number of authors. Tables and legends for figures must be typed on separate sheets. Tables must be numbered, title written in lower case letter (except the first letter) and left justified. Horizontal and Vertical lines within the tables are not acceptable. Submissions on computer diskettes are also acceptable. 1. All papers submitted for publication in the Nigerian Journal of Animal Production must be true summaries of original experimental work which have not been published, accepted or submitted for publication, in any other Journal. They must be as concise as possible and must be topics in the realm of animal production such as health, breeding, feeding and nutrition, housing, management and physiology of all classes of farm animals-cattle, goats, sheep, poultry, rabbits and wildlife, and in special cases, fish cats, dogs and laboratory animals. 2. Manuscripts should be typed on A4 size paper, double-space and the original copy plus two-clear copies must be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief for review. Manuscripts should have on page one, ONL Y the names (initials preceding surname) and addresses of authors under the title of the paper, page two should repeat the title but WITHOUT AUTHORS' NAMES AND ADDRESS, and then continue with Abstract, Introduction, etc. 3. The major sub-headings to use when preparing manuscripts are Title, Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion (or Results and Discussion), Acknowledgement (if any) and References. 4. When preparing tables, the titles should be in lower case letters (except the first letter) and all letters italicized except 'Table' which must appear in bold within the table, only the treatment titles need be italicized. Avoid horizontal and vertical lines within the tables. Every table must be on a separate page. 5. Illustrations in the forms of graphs or photographs should be as few as possible, must be very sharp and clearly defined. Legends should not be on the photographic illustrations but should be typed on separate sheet accompanying the figures. The tops of the photographs should be correctly indicated with pencil mark behind such photographs. Graphs should be prepared in clear reproducible camera-ready forms for printing. 6. When citing reference, all authors' names must be in bold lower case letters except the first letter of each name which should be in Upper case. The surnames must be followed by the initials in all cases, title, the Journal containing it, or medium of publication, Journal, Volume and the first and last page, in that order in last pages in that order. 7. All original manuscripts submitted for publication will be reviewed by two or more reviewers before accepting or rejecting them. Conference Papers can be resubmitted for publication after the Conference, in which case they must comply with the style and format specified for the Journal and will be peer-reviewed. 8. For papers recommended for acceptance, 2 hard copies and a copy on computer diskette (3.5in) on WP (Windows) or MS WORD should be submitted by the author. 9. Submit Keywords and a "Running Title" (not more than 6 words each) along with your manuscript. 10. Submissions on Computer diskettes are acceptable in 3.5 in diskettes. 11. Manuscripts submitted for publication must be accompanied by Handling charge of three hundred Naira per paper (local) and twenty dollars (overseas). The Journal charges for publication.

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