Prevalence of Swine Diseases in Ijebu Division of Ogun State

  • AO Talabi
  • MA Oyekunle
  • JO Abiola
  • EO Makinde
  • SO Akinleye
  • RO Ettu
  • YA Oyejobi
Keywords: Prevalence, Swine Diseases, Parasites, Ogun State


This study was carried out by visiting 20 towns/ villages in Ijebu-division of Ogun State, where a total of 5,043 pigs were observed for various disease conditions. Blood and faecal samples and skin scrapings were collected from 137 sick animals, of which 3.65% were positive for the presence of Trypanosoma brucei. The following gastrointestinal nematode eggs were found in the faecal samples evaluated: Ascaris sp. (45.26%), Strongyles (10.22%), Strongyloides sp. (5.11%) and Trichuris sp. (2.92%). Sarcoptes scabiei which was the only ectoparasite of pigs encountered in this study accounted for 12.41% of the 137 skin scrapings collected. A total of 606 out of 5,043 animals were found to be clinically sick. Identified disease conditions include wound infection (33.50%), diarrhoea (22.11%), piglet anaemia (15.84%), mange (10.89%), tail sore (6.44%), foot rot (4.95%), mastitis (2.97%), metritis (1.82%) and pneumonia (1.49%). 

Keywords: Prevalence, Swine Diseases, Parasites, Ogun State.


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eISSN: 0331-2062