Optimum protein and energy levels for local and exotic egg-type, chickens in the humid tropics

  • FC Obioha
  • BO Asuquo
  • FN Agomoh


The development of indigenous stock in the tropics must be accompanied by an evaluation of their nutrient requirements alongside those of the adapted exotic stock. In two separate experiments, a total of 28 dietary combinations of protein (18% - 24%) and metabilisable energy (2.6-3.2 Mcal/kg) were assessed using four lines of exotic, local and exotic x local crosses of 0-8 week old starter pullets. A combination of 2.8 Mcal/kg with 24% (E2.8P24) gave the best overall performance, while E3.0P24 gave the best feed efficiency. However, diet E2.8P18 gave the least feed cost per unit of body weight gain of all the 28 diets. It is therefore suggested as the optimum diet. The four genetic lines manifested wide variations in their performance values but showed no separate requirements for protein or energy.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0331-2062