Optimum protein and energy levels for layer chickens in the humid tropics

  • FC Obioha
  • I Onyiliogwu


In a study involving 12 diet combinations with 3 energy levels (2.6-3.0 Meal/ kg ME), 4 protein levels (14%-20%) and 12 calorie-protein ratios (13.13-19.68 Kcal/gm protein) layer chickens performed significantly better on a 3.0 Meal - 18.45% protein diet (E3.0P18.45) than any other diet, in egg number, egg weight, feed efficiency, protein efficiency ratio, revenue-cost ratio and egg number feed cost ratio. Average daily feed consumption was 90g. Diets corresponding to N.R.C. levels of E2.85P15 supported less than 280 Kcal ME or 16.55g protein daily intake, respectively, and were inferior to the E3.0P 18.45 diet.


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eISSN: 0331-2062