The Effect Of Toasting, Dry Urea Treatment And Sprouting On Some Thermostable Toxic Factors In The Jackbean Seed

  • BO Esonu
  • ABI Udedibie
  • CR Carlini
Keywords: Jack bean, thermostable toxicfactors, toasting, urea treatment, sprouting


Raw unprocessed jackbean seed contains 26 - 32% crude protein and also toxic elements most of which are thermostable, which limit its use as feed ingredient for livestock especially non-ruminant animals. Raw
jackbean seeds were divided into three batches. One batch was ground raw and toasted, the second, batch was ground raw and mixed with 2% of its weight of dry urea and all.owed to stand for 11 days. The third
batch was sprouted for four days and later ground into meal. Toxicological studies on the three batches of the jackbean meals were conducted for concanavalin A, (Con A ), Canatoxin, Urease activity and Haemoglutinin activity. The results or these studies show that dry urea
treatment is effective in detoxifying urease activity, Concanavalin A (Con A) and canatoxin in jackbean seed, while sprouting was effective in detoxifying concanavalin A (Con A) and canatoxin but not very effective
in detoxifying the urease activity in jackbean seed. Toasting alone did not have appreciable effect on these toxic factors.

Keywords: Jack bean, thermostable toxicfactors, toasting, urea treatment, sprouting


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eISSN: 0331-2062