Economics Of Rabbit Production In Abeokuta South Local Government Area Of Ogun State, Nigeria

  • IA Ayinde
  • AB Aromolaran
Keywords: Economics, Rabbit Production, Ogun State, Nigeria


This study was aimed at examining the economic profitability of rabbit production based on the hypothesis that the low level of production may likely be a consequence of low profitability of the enterprise. Abeokuta
South Local Government area was used as a case study. It involved the collection of primary data from a sample of SO rabbit farmers spread over 10 communities in Abeokuta South Local Government Area of Ogun State. The analysis of survey data was done through a combination of descriptive statistical analysis, cost analysis and profitability analysis. The results showed that most rabbit farmers in Abeokuta were non-professional farmers, who engaged in rabbit production on a part-time basis to supplement their income from other sources such as civil service, trading and craftsmanship. Cost analysis showed that feed cost accounted for as much as 65.7% of total cost (excluding imputed cost of family labour), while fixed inputs amounted to 28% of the cost of production. Other variable inputs accounted for only 4.35% of total cost.
The profitability analysis showed that rabbit production in the area could generate a rate of return to capital and family labour of 56%, a rate of return on fixed costs of 300% and a rate of returns on variable cost of 178%. The study concluded that; Even though rabbit production is economically viable in Abeokuta in particular and Ogun State in general, the following problems have imposed a severe limitations on the expansion of the enterprise. These are: the paucity of investment capital
among the current investors in rabbit production enterprise, inadequate access to good breeding stock, and the non- professional, part-time and
supplementary nature of rabbit production in the area. It is therefore recommended that efforts should be directed towards providing credit to current and potential rabbit farmers so as to boost production. Moreover, the government should embark on the supply of parent stock of proven reproductive performances to farmers at affordable prices. The establishment of Rabbit Breeding Units in tertiary Institutions for the multiplication and distribution of rabbits for breeding purposes can enhance this. In addition, government can initiate programmes aimed at
the popularization of rabbit production in the state.

Keywords: Economics, Rabbit Production, Ogun State, Nigeria


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