Effect Of Dietary Raw, Cooked And Toasted Mucuna Pruriens Seeds (Velvet Bean) On The Performance Of Finisher Broilers

  • OO Emenalom
  • ABI Udedibie
Keywords: Mucuna pruriens seeds, broilers, feed intake, growth rate


A 5-week feeding trial was conducted to determine the effect or dietary raw, cooked and toasted Mucuna pruriens seeds (velvet bean) on the performance of finisher broilers. Raw Mucuna pruriens seeds contained 30.3% crude protein. At 10% dietary level, raw and toasted Mucuna pruriens seed meals significantly (P < 0.05) depressed growth rate of broilers. At 20% dietary level, cooked Mucuna pruriens seed meal also significantly (P < 0.05) depressed growth rate of the birds. Feed intake was also significantly (P < 0.05) reduced at 20% and 10% dietary levels of cooked and toasted meals, respectively. The feed intake of the group on 10% raw Mucuoa diet remained unexpectedly high.

Keywords: Mucuna pruriens seeds, broilers, feed intake, growth rate


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eISSN: 0331-2062