Management of vaccine-induced infectious bursal disease in chicks with antibiotics and antidiaaroeics

  • MCO Ezeibe
Keywords: Management, Infectious Bursal Disease, vaccine-induced mortality, morbidity.


All experiment was mounted to investigate if over dosing the chicks with normal infectious Bursal disease (IBD) vaccine could be responsible for some of these outbreaks of IBD in vaccinated flocks. The clinical IBD was managed with antibiotics and antidiarrhoeics in order to reduce losses. Three hundred two-week old cockerel chicks and forty two-week old turkey poults were each admlnistered two doses of IBD vaccine of chick embryo cell culture origin. This produced clinical infectious bursal disease in the cockerel chicks but the turkey poults did not suffer clinical infection. Administration of an antibiotic- antidiarrhoeic preparation (Ampicillin trihydrate 10%, Aluminium hydroxide 80% and sodium bicarbonate 10%) at a dose of 2g per litre of water for five days reduced both morbidity and mortality from 60% and 94% (in the control groups) to 14% and 15% respectively in the experimental groups.

Keywords - Management, Infectious Bursal Disease, vaccine-induced mortality, morbidity.


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eISSN: 0331-2062