Helminthiasis of pigs in Delta area of Nigeria

  • GE Esther
Keywords: Helmithiasis, Pigs, Ascaris, Sanitation.


A survey of the helminth parasites of pigs in the Delta area of Nigeria was carried out. Faecal samples obtained from the rectum of the pigs were examined for helminth ova by using the sedimentation method. Structured questionnaires were also used to get information on some epizootiological factors from pig farmers. Of the 1,140 faecal samples examined, 3.8% was positive for trematode infection while 47.5% was positive for nematode infection. Among the nematode parasites identified, Ascaris suum was found to predominate (43.8% of the total). Poor sanitation was found to be the major factor predisposing pigs to helminth infections in the area. It was therefore concluded that since pig is an important livestock to the inhabitants of the area, there is the need to regularly organise programmes that will educate the farmers on the proper keeping of the animal for maximum productivity.

Keywords: Helmithiasis; Pigs; Ascaris; Sanitation.


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