The effect of feeding multi-nutrient mini blocks and pelleted diets on the growth of rabbits

  • WO Biobaku
  • EB Oguntona
Keywords: Pellets, multi-nutrient blocks


The effect or substituting pelleted diets with multinutrierit blocks on the growth of weanling rabbits was studied. The pelleted diets and the multinutrient blocks contained crude protein 23.31 % and 24.25%, crude fibre 21.65 and 23.00%, ether extract 10.44% and 10.97% respectively. The body weight gain (10.58g/day), feed intake (110.20g/day) and feed efficiency ratio (0.58) of rabbits fed multinutrient blocks were non- significantly higher by 8.50%, 10.65% and 10.34% respectively, than those rabbits fed with pelleted basal diet.

Keywords: Pellets, multi-nutrient blocks


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0331-2062