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An improvised chute for Muturu cattle

SI Omeje


To determine the efficiency of an improvised chute on the progressive walk of Muturo cows, a handling section comprising a squeeze, 10m long, 1.35m high and 0.60m - 0.80m wide, was improvised with Gmelina posts chalked in 0.60m deep holes at 1.50m distance from each other and connected with rows of barbed wire. In two replicate trials 10 Muturu cows, aged 30-36 months, were passed through the alley until they reached the handling point. The two passes resulted in a mean success rate of 75% attributed to the working efficiency of the improvised chute. It is concluded that in spite of the observed 75% efficiency, the 0.80m - 0.60m width of the improvised chute was on the large side, and that narrower, or width-wise adjustable squeezes could be more efficient if tested.

Keywords: Chute, Improvisation, Muturu Cattle.

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