Income and employment generation ability of National Directorate of Employment (NDE) poultry farming participation in Ogun State

  • T Alimi
  • DO Odogun
Keywords: Employment, Income, Poultry Business, NDE


This paper focuses on the performance of NDE scheme poultry farming participants of Ogun State of Nigeria. Primary data were collected on the poultry production activities of the participants, and were analysed using descriptive statistics, budgetary technique and markov chain process. Results of the analyses indicated that poultry farming was profitable, and the return to management was higher than the income earned by peers in the civil service job. The participants tum-over rate (desertion from the scheme) was low as a result of relative satisfaction with the level of income earned. The mean poultry farm size kept by the participants was higher than the target set by the NDE programme while employment generation capacity was lower. Increase in mean poultry farm size was predicted until the year 2020 when equilibrium will be attained and about 99% of the participants will be having poultry enterprise size of more than one thousand birds if the prevailing production and business environment persists. Increased poultry farm size is suggested for the participants to achieve the employment generation capacity target of five regular labour.

Keywords: Employment, Income, Poultry Business, NDE.


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eISSN: 0331-2062